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Ever wondered what all the fuss with 3d printing is about?

Written By @3DX.pert

Whether you are a hobby enthusiast, a titan of an industry or simply into gadgets and the latest advancements in technology, then there is a 3d printer that will suit you.

What does a 3d printer do? 

In a nutshell, a 3d printer uses different materials to build any model you can imagine, layer by layer until you have your final printed model. The material it uses is on a coil and it looks a lot like a soft spaghetti wound around a spool. This material is then heated by the machine at a high temperature,  enough to soften it and feed it through an extruder (nozzle) which is moved around the build plate. It creates each layer of the model with every rotation around the build plate, which remains fixed. Of course in reality, it is a little more complicated and technical, but this is to give you the general idea.

How hard are they to use?

How hard or easy they are to use does depend on the machine you buy. Our ZMorph VX and Makerbots are all designed to be easy to both install and use for the average user. We also provide installation, training and ongoing support which makes us different to the other companies that sell 3d printers here in Australia. Our ZMorph VX is also supported by an online academy which provides tutorials on different aspects of using the machine allowing you to essentially train yourself in the comfort of your home, factory or office.

What can I print using a 3d printer?

It sounds cliche but you really are only limited by your imagination. There are various online libraries where you can share and browse models designed by 3d enthusiasts around the world. Here you can find anything from a cute Pikachu model to intricate images mapped onto vases. Love playing D&D and want to print a d20 fitted with electronics? No problem – if you can imagine it, you will find it. 

Or if you are familiar with CAD software you can design your own models. So if you have ever thought of creating a bobblehead of yourself or you are into all things nautical and want to design your own tall ship, you can use different software applications which are readily available to design your own custom print. 

If you are in industry, depending on the model of your machine, a 3d printer can be used for prototyping or even to produce components. For example: we had a customer who was unable to secure bottle tops to fit with the bottle they used for a particular hair product. They designed the lid but we also helped them create a prototype which they then went on to mass produce. Schools have even integrated 3d design and print into iSTEM subjects at both primary and high school levels.

I am not sure which 3d printer is right for me – what should I do?

Give us a call today and have one of our 3d Print Techs recommend a machine that will suit your needs and budget.