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3D Printers & Accessories Online at the Best Price

3D Printers in Australia & 3D Printer Accessories in Australia Online at the Best Price

At Torstar 3D Print we are committed to providing an innovative solution to our customers. Whether they are looking for a way to encourage a learning environment that inspires creativity while also igniting the imagination and love of learning in their students or looking for a tool to enhance their business productivity flow or customer engagement, we have a 3D printer to suit. We stock the best 3D printer supplies in the Australian market as well as a vast range of 3D printing materials and 3D printing accessories.

If you are looking to buy a 3D printer online, we have the most trusted and internationally known brands. We also sell:

Consumables (filament to suit any project)

3D printer parts
3D printer accessories

Torstar 3D Print is the ultimate destination in Australia for professional and personal 3D printers.

Torstar 3D Print evolved from a natural integration of 3D Printers into our Workplace, Education Supplies and Equipment arm of our business. The Torstar Group of companies has been working closely with individuals, companies, governments, schools and not-for-profit associations since 1978 and we are still proudly 100% Australian family owned.

Zmorph VX Drone

Zmorph VX Drone

Our management and staff are always prepared to go the extra yard, to do the unexpected, to go out of their way and beyond the normal service standards in order to make sure your needs or service expectations are met. Our reputation is one of trusted advisors and suppliers or quality products and services to our customers.

We do more than just deliver a box. We deliver, install, train and service the machines that we sell which means that you always have access to an Australian based contact during business hours.

We have been in the 3D printing industry for years now, and in that time, we have established ourselves a well-recognised market leader for high quality 3D printers in Australia. Our team has experience in design software and modelling.

The ZMorph VX is exclusive to Torstar 3D Print in Australia and New Zealand and we are a Tier 1 Partner for MarkerBot in New South Wales. Our team of expert 3D print specialists are here to support you with all your 3D printer needs including 3D Print related products.

For information on the price of your preferred 3D printer, fill out your details below or use the Buy Now button where you can find the cost for your complete package including filament, accessories and more.

We stock the best 3D printer accessories in the AU region. To access our array of consumables, use the Consumables button to be directed to our range.

If you would like any more information or one of our product brochures, contact us today.

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